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Here’s a list of 5 Basic Actions on how our medicine helps you lose weight:



1.     It stops the conversion of carbohydrates to fat.

If the carbohydrates you consume do not get utilized as energy in the body, then the excess Carbs convert themselves into fat, making you gain weight. The natural herb in our weight loss formula stops the conversion of Carbs into Fats in the body, and this way you don’t accumulate new fat cells.


2.     It breaks down existing fat deposits.

The Thermogenic Herbs used in the formulation work directly on the existing fat cells in the body and breaks them down to help you lose weight instantly & effectively.


3.     It activates your metabolic rate.

A faster metabolism is a key to an effective weight loss. Many herbs used in the formulation heal the weakened metabolic rate which most obese people suffer from. It rejuvenates the digestive system, Liver, Kidneys and Spleen function which aids in the proper functioning of the body and it also ensures that you lose calories throughout the day.


4.     It prevents excess water retention.

The diuretic nature of certain herbs helps the body get rid of excess water retention and helps in the detoxification process. You can witness losing a few inches from the belly immediately during body cleansing.


5.     Our Free Diet Chart helps you limit your daily calorie intake.

For most people it is difficult to keep track of their calorie and nutrition intake all the time during the day. We have designed a Diet Plan, by following which you can ensure optimum nutrition to the body with minimal calorie intake. It guides you through all your meals and offers various healthy food options to choose from.


One Month Course: Rs.1190/-

Fat Loss: 3 to 4 kgs* per month



One Month Course: Rs.2990/-

Fat Loss: 8 to 11 kgs* per month


Diet Plan and its importance:




The most important aspect in achieving weight loss is to create a calorie-deficit, which means that we should be burning more calories than our calorie intake. A diet plan helps you create that deficit. It also ensures that you lose just fat and not muscles by providing you 100% nutrition that you require in a day.

It is important to understand that if you try to lose weight by simply skipping meals and not supplementing it with adequate nutrition; you will end up getting weak instead of just thin. You may lose muscles as there would not be enough proteins, amino acids, vitamins and minerals to support its growth. In the bargain, your metabolic rate could drastically slow down inducing a YO-YO effect. A well balanced Diet Plan is the key to a successful and effective Weight Loss.