Combo of Cartinine & Jointine

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  •  Helps to rejuvenate the joint muscles, tendons and ligaments.
  •  Worn out cells of the muscles and ligaments are replaced by new cells.
  •  Induces 'anabiosis', which means 'a restoring to life from a deathlike condition'.
  •  Fulfils the depletion of MSM and makes joints strong and flexible again.

There are several ways to treat Osteoarthritis! .. But the only way towards a CURE is not only to treat the deteriorating Cartilage, but more importantly to treat the weak Joint muscles, Ligaments , Tendons & Tissues. Only after the Joint Muscles become weak with the age, that the body weight shifts on to the cartilage causing it to BREAK. Unless the muscles get their strength back, it is impossible to think for a CURE or a permanent solution.

This Combo Therapy is the result of years of research and a combination of our ancient Ayurvedic Wisdom with the Modern Technology. All these Natural & Herbal preparations have been clinically tested to deliver long term pain relief and optimum physical functionality. . These medicines provide holistic cure for all types of Joint-pains and Muscular Skeletal Disorders.

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