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Wellentine Biotech (OPC) Private Limited is an offshoot of an established & experienced company engaged in manufacturing and marketing of Herbal ingredients, phytochemicals, Ayurvedic formulations, Dietary supplements, Sports nutrition and processed foods. Established in the year 1998, we offer natural and highly effective ayurvedic and nutraceutical compositions that have fetched us a distinguished space not just in domestic, but international market also. For the quality of our products and the work environment, we also received ISO 9001-2000 & GMP certification. We have a registered office in New Delhi & manufacturing unit in Haryana with a well established distributor network in the entire country. With Wellentine Biotech (OPC) Private Limited, we are extending our arms and adding one more dimension to our Health segment by introducing a few more products with a futuristic approach towards health.


About BioNeer

BioNeer Alkalnine Water

BioNeer provides the safest and most advanced and effective purification system. It uses various stages of filtration like Reverse Osmosis, Sediment Filter, Carbon Filter, Ultra Violet rays to purify and detoxify the water. It only allows the purest of water to pass through it and the impure water gets rejected. The bacteria and virus are doubly checked and incapacitated by the UV filter. The pre-Filter and Sediment filter stops suspended solids like dirt and mud. This purification stops the harmful minerals and chemicals but it also stops some useful minerals which were present in the water. To compensate this loss of minerals, the purified water is passed through a cartridge which has a mineral bed and an alkaline compartment. After passing through this cartridge, the water available to us for drinking is now fortified with minerals like Calcium, Magnesium etc. This process also makes the water micro-clustered which is more hydrating and three times more bio-available than normal water. BioNeer’s advanced purification system ensures Mineralized, Alkaline, Germ-free, Chemical-free, tasty, odor-less, micro-clustered and anti-oxidant water. This Alkaline water helps in various health issues like weight management, indigestion, acne and skin, constipation, acidity, cholesterol and younger looking skin.